Metallic Lids, Glossy Lips.


All over the eyes are Urban Decays Vice 4 Palette:


On the face are a mix of both drugstore and high end products:

The Lumi foundation has been such a breath of fresh air since it doesn’t leave me with a flat matte finish, even when set with the airspun. The concealer is a little bit tricky, it does crease very quick but if you set it (and bake for a couple minutes) then its beautiful. The other two products are a staple in my everyday makeup application.


The brows and lashes are very simple on this look since the main focus in on the eyes and lips.


Use Fergie Daily as a base then apply just one layer of metallic lipstick and last but not least 2 layers of shiny gloss.


Last but not least bathe your entire face in Produi Natal: L’eau Natal Moisture Mist. My amazing friend created this line and amazing product that I swear by.


That’s all to this foiled wet look!  


Don’t forget to check out my Instagram for constant looks and product details ❤





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